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YES SPROUTING CAN feel a little tedious at first but honestly, its become part of my weekly tasks and it really doesn't take long once you get into the swing of it :) It just takes a little pre-planning...that's all.


  1. Wash and soak whole moong lentils in water in double or triple the amount of water to moong overnight or for 12 hrs.

  2. The next day the moong beans will have doubled in size. Strain and drain. Then after, you’ll find the moong beans have become double to their size; strain them through a colander. Drain out excess of water.

  3. Then you have a couple of options of how you can sprout

The way my grandma does it

  1. Get a cheesecloth or muslin bag or any light cloth and wrap the sprouts. Tie it loosely and place over a strainer. (keep in a dark ventilated place.)

  2. Untie the bag after 2-3 hrs. Rinse them thoroughly, drain away excess water as much as possible (don’t dry wholly), and tie up in muslin cloth again.

  3. Repeat this about 3 times a day for 2 days or longer if you want longer sprouts!

The way my momma does it

  1. Get yourself a fancy Lil sprouter off amazon or in an Indian shop ( omg i saw this incredible porcelain one on Etsy...SO BEAUTIFUL but also fairly pricey, amazon is much more reasonable.

  2. You place the soaked lentils onto each layer spread them out evenly sprinkle a little water over them, place in a dark place, the next day check on them mix them about a little and do leave for a day, I usually leave them for two days

The way some people on google do it

  1. I saw on google that some people sprout in mason jars. Looks like it works just as well! the trick is not to use the actual lid, you need to cover it with a muslin cloth in a breathable material.

  2. leave overnight on one of these stands or just in a bowl at an angle

  3. You need to check on them twice a day for about 2 days to rinse and drain them with fresh water. you should start seeing sprouts within the first two days then it's up to you to keep them for a couple of days longer if you want them to get longer sprouts. BUT you can defo use them within a day if u start seeing the sprouts appear.

also found this extremely useful picture.

Sending you all muchos love and gratitude

xx Radhi ♡

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