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It seems this pandemic has brought about a sudden urge to bake banana bread. Every time I open up my Instagram, its another (very delicious) looking banana bread. I must admit, I have never actually tasted banana bread - not much of a fan of bananas to be honest and wasn't expecting to like it either...but then my friend Deepica wanted me to give it a go and so I started experimenting and created this recipe. I thought if I was to make banana bread, then it only seems right to make it a double chocolate, super fantastic, vegan, and gluten-free banana bread. LET ME TELL U..IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!

🍽 S E R V I N G S

1 large banana loaf or 3 little baby ones


prep time - 10 minutes

cook time - 30-40 mins

dance time - 5 mins

total time - 45-55 mins

🥗 I N G R E D I E N T S

1 ½ cups of gluten-free flour ( i used bobs red mill all-purpose flour)

½ cup cocoa powder

3/4 cup coconut sugar/unrefined brown sugar

1 tsp baking soda

½ cup non-dairy milk ( i used oatly)

½ cup room temperature coconut oil

3 medium-sized super-ripe almost on its way out bananas

1 cup chocolate chinks

1 flax egg ( 1 tbsp flax meal 3 tbsp water)

🌿 T H E M A G I C

1. Preheat oven to 350F ( 175C ), grease your loaf pans ( 3 small or 1 large one) and prepare your flax egg.

2. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a mixing bowl, then add the baking soda and sugar, give it a good ol' mix.

3. In a blender, add in the banana, coconut oil and non-dairy milk, mix until smooth but do not over blend.

4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients along with the flax egg and whisk gently till smooth.

5. Fold in the chocolate chunks and pour batter into your loaf tins.

6. Place in the oven for 30 - 40 minutes (time will vary depending on your oven). Test at 30 minutes with the very technical knife test (aka put a thin knife into the banana bread and if it comes out wet then it's not done. If it comes out dry, ISSA READY)

7. NOW, I know you smell that divine smell, and you're so excited to eat it, and you just want to have it all hot and warm with butter melted on top...

BUT WAIT PATRICIA, JUST WAIT OK...DONT RUIN IT NOW. If you try to remove your banana bread from the pan when it's hot, I guarantee you, it will fall apart and you will be drizzling it with your tears rather than cream! That was a bit dramatic...but sometimes you gotta be cruel to be the right measure.

OK SO LET IT SIT FOR ABOUT 10 - 15 MINS then it should pop out easily.

9. Serve with some cream, butter or just eat it on its own

♡ Say a prayer of gratitude, sprinkle a whole lotta lurve and serve with immense joy!❤️

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