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Hey hey hey ! Ok so let me break it down real fast... I love food! I grew up in an Indian family, which means loving food and having food is the core of pretty much everything. It is basically a part of our genetic makeup! I was born a vegetarian and come from a family of incredible cooks; my grandmas, my mum, my dad and my sister all got some serious skills in the kitchen! We grew up tasting food from around the world. My mum was always experimenting with different dishes, different cuisines & flavors so i was surrounded by delicious vibrant food cooked with a whole lotta love!


One day I thought, hmmm how can I create a living being able to talk about food/ love food/ be around food all the time and it not be weird...SO with the help of my mum (who btw has been and still is the biggest influencer of all the best decisions of my life), I studied nutrition and dietetics at university. This built a wonderful foundation of knowledge and understanding of western nutrition and medicine, but i still felt something was missing. 

I was born and raised in the UK and tbh had no intention of ever leaving, in fact before I got married I asked my hubby if we could find a house no more than a mile away from my mum, and that's what we did...FOR 3 WEEKS..and then life changed a whole lot...and it has taken us on an incredibly, crazy, wild, wonderful adventure to NYC and now LA. Through the journey I found my obsession and love for Ayurvedic nutrition! I have just completed my Ayurvedic Health Counsellor degree with California College of Ayurveda...YAY TO ME! Now I am bursting with all this life changing information and I am so excited to share it with you all..

I've always loved Indian food its by far my favorite cuisine, but i really enjoy bringing western and eastern foods together when creating recipes. I like using seasonal veggies and foods common to where I live, but using the spices and flavors of the east to spice up your life (pun intended)! 

Conscious cooking is something I've been practicing for about 6 years now. In the Vedic culture, it is believed that the mood, mindset, and energy of the person cooking is infused into the food and absorbed by the person eating it. So cooking with love and devotion and saying a little prayer before serving the food is such a sweet loving practice that has the ability to nourish not only the body, but the mind and soul too. 

I hope you enjoy these recipes and that the practice of conscious cooking transforms your kitchen from a place of cooking to a place of nourishment in all parts of your life as it has mine. 

Sending you all SO MUCH LOVE!

P.S I don't claim to be a 'chef', nor have I had real training to be one, I simply adore food and feeding people brings me so much joy. My spiritual teacher Radhanath Swami always says that knowledge or skills are worthless unless they are shared and so this is just my little way of sharing what I'm learning with you all :).

OH WAIT Since this is the 'about me' page it feels incomplete without giving a little background to my familia seeing as they have shaped who I here's a quick breakdown of the OGs of the family! Momma bear -  the connecter, the extrovert, she has shown me what dedication and commitment to a spiritual path looks like, she's my best friend and has been the spiritual guide for our whole family...MY POPPA BEARR..he can be a man of few words and GREAT dad jokes..but through his actions and calm nature he has taught us what it means to be a spiritual kind hearted person..My older sister, or didi as i call her, (who i used to have wrestling matches with when i was younger that included metal hangers 🙄 don't ask!) i'm so lucky to have her in my life, i always admired her and wanted to be like her growing up and thats never changed, she turned vegan, so did i, she wore something and so would i haha, i learn so much from her and our sisterhood has turned into a meaningful loving friendship that keeps getting sweeter 💛 Last but not least that  MY SUPERSTAR BAA (grandma) she needs no explanation except that she is the most special little lady I have ever bursts out of her..she is forever smiling and has this content vibrant and happy energy that every single person feels when they meet her..her energy comes from her deep spiritual practices..and I am so sure that it's her prayers and energy that I carry with me that keeps me strong. AND OF COURSE the newest addition to my family my sweet loving husband without whom i would never have even created this site, or been confident enough to believe i could do any of this, he is forever encouraging me guiding me and showering me with love :). 

With love and gratitude,

Radhi x 

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